August17th whisky

Project Details

Client: DISTAL sprl

Date: 15/07/2015


Logo, stationery, web and bottle design for the new August17th Whisky. The name «August 17th» arises from the passion that the creator,Thierry Van Renterghem, has for history. The logo refers to a painting that Thierry drew after his transition at the famous Louvre Museum (Paris). It’s the face of August 1st, the first Roman emperor, who symbolizes the greatness and the glory of this empire.
«August 17th» is a new single malt whisky that is going to surprise all the whisky fans around the world. This newcomer, was developed by the Belgian creator Thierry Van Renterghem. «Smoothness» is the master word of this 40° whisky, despite its young age of 3 years. This feature is specifically pointed out due to the fact that the whisky is absolutely not peated. In fact, it’s smoked with the wort from the Beauce wheat that is used for the vodka production of Cosmik Vodka.

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