GemBlue Gin

Project Details

Client: DISTAL sprl

Date: 13/10/2015


Logo, stationery, web and bottle design for the new GemBlue Gin. For such a high quality product, we had to find a bottle that perfectly fits. That’s why, to honor this precious beverage, we choose a massive perfume style bottle, that weight 2 kg when it’s filled. The label, made of tin with the three keys and the thirteen balls crown, is a tribute to the Belgian city, Gembloux.
GemBlue Gin is another awesome product that emerges directly from the Belgian creator’s imagination, Thierry Van Renterghem. He wanted to go for the challenging world of gin, to complete a promising range of products. This new gin sticks to Thierry’s style: an exceptionally smooth product that allows you to enjoy it in its purest shape, without mixing it with any other drinks.

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